Monday 20 June

House of Commons

Work and Pensions

Violent Crime Reduction Bill – Second

Future of the National Health Service – Dr Richard Taylor

House of Lords

Oral questions - When will the results of the consultation on the Criminal
Justice Inspectorate be published (L. Hurd of Westwell); To what extent
were aspirations met in the communiqué which followed the Bologna Process
ministerial summit held in Bergen on 19th-20th May (L. Quirk); What response
is there to the murder of Shaima Rezayee in Afghanistan (L. Wedderburn of
Charlton); How will African countries be encouraged to put in place measures
to ensure that aid reaches those for whom it is intended rather than financing
corruption; and how will the implementation of such measures be secured (L.

Motions - European Union Committee on The Hague Programme: a five year agenda
for EU justice and home affairs (L. Wright of Richmond); European Union Committee
on After Madrid: the EU's response to terrorism (L. Wright of Richmond); European
Union Committee on Judicial Co-operation in the EU: the role of Eurojust (B.
Harris of Richmond); European Union Committee on Strengthening OLAF, the European
Anti-Fraud Office (L. Scott of Foscote), (Motions to take note).

Delegated Legislation - Unauthorised Encampments (Northern Ireland) Order
2005 (Motion for approval).

Unstarred question - What response is there to the report by the Africa Commission
(B. Park of Monmouth).


21 June

Westminster Hall

Africa and the G8 – Hugh Bailey

Future of adult
education – Dr Vincent Cable

Careless driving and the case of Gillian
Curran – Mr Tom Clarke

Rural transport links in Norfolk – Mr Christopher

Abdominal aortic aneurism screening – Dr Howard Stoate

House of

Foreign and Commonwealth Office Racial and Religious Hatred Bill – Second

Primary school education in West Swindon – Anne Snelgrove

of Lords

Oral questions: Whether the decision to withdraw, from July 2005,
funding for the Evidence and Guidance Collaborating Centre on Childhood Accidents,
formerly funded by the Health Development Agency, will be reconsidered
Walton of Detchant); Whether, in the light of existing military commitments,
plans to create a combined Scottish super-regiment will be reconsidered
(L. Monro of Langholm); What achievable agenda relating to Africa has been
for the forthcoming G8 annual summit (V. Waverley).

Debate: On developments
in the European Union (B. Amos).

Unstarred question: When National
Health dental services will be available for all (B. Gardner of Parkes).


22 June


Aviation in the South East – Mr John Randall

Future of Evesham Community
Hospital – Peter Luff

Appraisal of new medical technologies and treatments
by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence – Mr Dai

Proposals for the A47 between Great Yarmouth and Acle – Mr Anthony

Future of sleeper rail services – Julia Goldsworthy

House of Commons

Prime Minister

Opposition Day (2nd allotted) – i) Special education needs
ii) - The integrity of the electoral system

UK policy towards Nepal – Sir
John Stanley

House of Lords

Oral questions: What plans there are for the introduction
of a local income tax (L. Steinberg); Whether British art galleries
and museums devote sufficient resources to ensuring the security of their collections
Harrison); What steps will be taken to address the problems caused
by the difference of up to seven seconds between the BBC time signal received
by digital and
by analogue radio and television receivers (L. Tanlaw).

Fraud Bill [HL] (second reading); Borough Freedom (Family Succession) Bill
[HL] (second

Unstarred question: What steps are being taken to protect
intellectual property rights for the creative industries (B. Buscombe).


23 June

of Commons

Trade and Industry; Minister for Women and EqualityRegulation
of Financial Services (Land Transactions) Bill – Second Reading

Care homes
in Caerphilly – Mr Wayne David

Westminster Hall

Debate on recent developments
in volunteering

House of Lords

Oral Questions: Whether the
cost of holding the proposed referendum on the draft European Union Constitutional
Treaty has been
estimated (L. Palmer); Whether there are plans to extend
to other sports the prohibition on secondary sales of tickets which currently
applies to football
(L. Faulkner of Worcester); What further steps are being
considered to address the threat of a bird influenza pandemic (L. Morris
of Manchester).

On current trends and developments in the euro (L. Dykes);
the level of political and religious violence in Bangladesh ( L. Avebury).

Motions: The Report of
the Science and Technology Committee on Renewable Energy:
Practicalities (L. Oxburgh); the Government's strategy and timetable for
programmes of energy
efficiency, use reduction and conservation and for the
implementation of renewable sources of energy (L. Bishop of Liverpool), (Motions
for papers).



The House of Commons and the House of Lords are
not sitting



Corporate Social Responsibility – Current Research
and Practical Challenges conference, London: Wednesday 22 June 2005

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