Our Protecting Confidential Information webinar series discusses some of the most common problems that arise when businesses seek to identify, manage and protect their confidential information and trade secrets. Our speakers share their experience relating to the misuse of confidential information, by looking at the Court's approach in such cases and providing some examples of the common mistakes that are made and how you can avoid them.

In this second webinar in the series, John MacKenzie and Matt Phillip consider when information has the “necessary quality of confidence” required for legal protection. They provide examples of how this protection can be maintained within a business and the practical steps that can be taken to manage confidential information.

Listen to the recording on YouTube or Vimeo.

Other webinars in the series:

6 October 2016: Identifying and defining your confidential information (Watch the recording)
1 December 2016: Protecting your confidential information (Register here)

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