Contracts are essential to any business. Knowledge of contract law and contractual disputes is therefore indispensable regardless of the size of your business or sector in which it operates.

In this four-part webinar series, we will look at the key stages in the life cycle of a contract, from its formation to termination, and everything in between.

Our experienced speakers discuss the important points for parties to consider at the four key stages of a contract. Using a mixture of case law update and practical tips, these webinars will distill the core fundamentals of contract law into easily digestible sections.

In the last of our webinar series, the team focus on a contract's 'death and its estate planning'. They consider the termination of contracts, from planning for termination in the initial drafting, to the various means of termination. There is a particular focus on termination under contentious circumstances, offering insight into the key considerations in dispute resolution.

The recording is now available on YouTube and Vimeo.

Further webinars in the series include:

25 January 2017, 1pm: Birth and Infancy (Listen to the recording)
22 February 2017, 1pm: Teenage Problem Years (Listen to the recording)
23 March, 1pm: Middle Age and Divorce (Listen to the recording) 

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