NEC3 has become an increasingly familiar contract form in the construction industry and is being increasingly used by contracting parties for all types of construction projects. The NEC3 suite of contracts was updated in June 2017 to become NEC4.  Whilst this is an evolution of the NEC series, and many of the unique features of NEC contracts have been retained, important changes have been made which contract users need to be aware of.

This webinar series will give participants an understanding of the updated NEC4 form of contract. Our speakers will consider the background and philosophy of the NEC form; the key changes found in NEC4; and best practice and recent case law.

The third and final webinar in our series covers recent case law developments relating to NEC contracts, and considers points of contract use and best practice that can be learned from recent cases.

The recording is now available on YouTube and Vimeo.

Other webinars in the series:

Key changes in NEC4 (Watch now)

Introduction to NEC contracts and principles (Watch now)

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