On 30 June 2005, the Department of Trade and Industry released its Energy Trends and Quarterly Energy Prices Publications.  The following lists several of the key statistics for the first quarter of 2005.


  • Total indigenous UK production of crude oil and NGLs for the first quarter, decreased by 11% compared with 2004.  
  • UK remains a net exporter of oil and oil products, although, net exports were about a third of what they were in the corresponding 2004 quarter.   This was largely due to decreased crude oil exports which were down22.5%. 


  • Total indigenous UK production of natural gas was 5.4% lower than the corresponding 2004 quarter, reflecting the declining production as the UKCS reserves deplete.
  • Exports of natural gas increased by 13.8% and imports increased by 10.2%, compared with the first quarter of 2004,
  • Demand for gas was 4.7% lower than corresponding 2004 quarter.


  • Fuel used by generators was unchanged from the corresponding 2004 quarter
  • Coal use was 4% higher than a year earlier
  • Total electricity supply by all generators was 1% lower than a year earlier
  • Final consumption of electricity fell by 1.6%

Prices: First Quarter 2005

  • It is estimated that the Climate Change Level (CCL) has, on average, increased the average prices of fuels to the industry by 10.5% for coal. 4.6% for electricity and 4.2% for gas.
  • The price paid for all fuel and light by household consumers has risen by 11.8% in real terms from the first quarter of 2004.
  • Average industrial gas prices including CCL were 35.8% higher in real terms from the first quarter of 2004.

Statistics from the Department of Trade and Industry website www.dti.gov.uk

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