Adidas has won a temporary injunction from Sir Andrew Morritt, sitting in the High Court, in its battle with the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and other governing bodies in relation to the body's dress code rules.

The bodies had insisted that the sports company's famous three-striped motif be reduced to just four square inches on all branded clothing, in line with other brands' logos.

The ITF is generally keen to maintain a strict dress code to stop players turning into mere advertising space and had ruled that the three stripe logo was a manufacturer's identification rather than a design effect. Adidas in turn feel that the tennis bodies are behaving prejudicially towards it compared to competitors.  Adidas fears knock-on commercial effects in terms of reduced sales if the ITF's ruling is allowed to stand.

As well as the temporary injunction, the High Court has refused to strike out Adidas' claims that the proposed dress rule was discriminatory towards Adidas in relation to its market rivals such as Nike and Puma.  A full trial of the matter will take place in October this year and it will be very interesting to read the outcome of this full hearing.  Until then the ITF and organisers of the four Grand Slams will have to lift their strict dress code interpretation from the Wimbledon championships until October of this year.

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