The European Commission have announced their intention to reconsider the proposal for a Temporary Workers Directive "in light of future discussions on other proposals".  This decision came about as part of the European Commission's review of pending legislative proposals that lead to the abandonment of 68 of their proposals for new law.        

The European Commission adopted the Temporary Workers Directive in 2002 in response to the drive to provide protection for atypical workers.  The current draft directive provides that temporary workers be given the same basic rights as permanent workers in relation to working hours, overtime, holidays, maternity and anti-discrimination and after a qualifying period of six weeks, temporary workers will also be entitled to the same pay.

The TUC are not alone in their view that this further delay represents "a major setback for temps across Europe".  Meanwhile, some business leaders are sighing relief and crossing their fingers that the directive that they consider to be a serious threat to flexibility will never make it back on to the European agenda.

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