An independent commission formed by the Premier League has found Chelsea,
Ashley Cole and Jose Mourinho guilty of so-called 'tapping up'. All 3 parties
are likely to receive hefty fines.

Cole was found to have acted in breach of Premier League rule K5, which prevents
a contracted player making an approach to a club with a view to negotiating
a contract without prior written consent from his club.

Chelsea were found to be in breach of rule K3, which prohibits a club making
an approach to a contracted player without first obtaining permission of his

Mourinho was found to have acted in breach of rule Q, which governs managers'

The Premier League launched their investigation following press reports back
in January which claimed that Cole, Mourinho and Chelsea Chief Executive Peter
Kenyon met at the Royal Park Hotel in London.

'Tapping up' is anecdotally said to be rife in the sport and is by no means
a recent phenomenon.

The parties have 14 days within which to lodge an appeal. The Premier League
may report their findings to the FA.

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