The TUC are arranging to meet to discuss the proposed merger of Amicus, the GMB and Transport and General.  The proposed "super union" will have approximately 2.6 million members and will represent about 40% of the TUC membership.  There are fears that if, as anticipated, the super union forms in January 2007, the smaller unions will be marginalised.

According to the Times, Jonathan Baume, general secretary of the First Division Association, has questioned the future role of the TUC if the proposed super union together with Unison represent 60 per cent of the votes and provide most of its finance.  Nevertheless, the TUC are denying claims that the super union will adversely affect their role. 

The super union has also made it on to the Labour party's agenda as leaders consider the voting strength of the trade unions at the party's annual conference.  It is believed that Tony Blair is fearful of the power that the super union might have at the conference.

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