Every employer hopes that he will never need to appear before an
Employment Tribunal but the reality is that many employers will have to
defend a claim in front of a tribunal at some point in their career.
This can be a very nerve-racking experience and employers should
consider training their management who may be called as witnesses in
anticipation of such an appearance.

Law firm Capital Law has joined up with Channel Television in
association with ACAS to produce a DVD entitled The Essential Guide to
Employment Tribunals aimed at employers and individuals thinking about
embarking on a tribunal case. The DVD answers the most commonly asked
questions and takes viewers through a case study showing exactly what
happens at tribunal.

This is the first training DVD ACAS has helped launch and although
ACAS encourage employers and individuals to seek to settle disputes
amicably outside of tribunal, where this is not possible, the training
DVD is useful in preparing employers and management for the tribunal

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