When Parliament reconvenes after the summer recess,
on 6 September, the Executive will lay out its programme for the forthcoming
year. The debate on its programme will run over two days.

The Parliament will
be meeting without four of its members - Scottish Socialist Party MSPs
Colin Fox, Carolyn Leckie, Frances Curran and Rosie Kane - who have been banned
for the month of September for protesting in the chamber in June. The MSPs
were demanding
the right to protest at the G8 summit in Gleneagles.

In early to mid-September,
MSPs will consider the two Edinburgh tramline Private Bills.

MSPs are
expected to complete Stage 1 of the Family Law Bill by 16 September.

The Environment
and Rural Development Committee will embark on Stage 2 discussions
of the Executive's
Environmental Assessment Bill on 14 September. Stage 2 of the Management
of Offenders
Bill is to be completed by 4 October.

There is also a good volume
of subordinate legislation to be dealt with immediately after recess.

of the
Tissue Bill is due to be completed by December. The Executive's
Licensing Bill should
continue to Stage 2 after the summer break, as will the Housing

The Private Waverley Railway Bill will be ongoing after the recess.

Democrat MSP Mike
Pringle is expected to push his Environmental Levy on Plastic
Bags Bill after the break.

Scottish Socialist Party ex-leader Tommy Sheridan
due to push
through Stage 1 of his Council Tax Abolition and Service
Tax Introduction Bill by 23

Current SSP leader Colin Fox is scheduled to complete
Stage 1 of his Abolition of NHS Prescription Charges Bill by 22 December,
month of Parliamentary time may impact on the progress
of his Member's Bill.

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