A recurring complaint of the business community has been the burden of red tape, particularly that coming from the EU.  The European Enterprise and Industry Commissioner, Gunter Verheugen, has said that he intends to cut the bureaucratic costs incurred by businesses due to EU regulations.  At the end of the year the Commission will produce an evaluation of administrative costs due to EU regulation, and costs resulting from Member States transposing EU law.

These moves are all part of the Commission's Better Regulation package, which aims to ensure simple yet high quality legislation.  Already the Commission has analysed 183 proposals and withdrawn 67 of them.  Subjects of the removed proposals include the weights of coffee and chicory extracts, herring fishing in the Baltic Sea and the production and marketing of honey.

The Commission has launched a public online consultation to ask business how the administrative burden from the EU can be improved to aid business.  More information on the consultation can he found here.

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