Public Sector Employment Statistics Published

On 13 January 2006, Scotland's public sector employment statistics were published. The statistics, which cover the third quarter of 2005, reveal that the number employed in the public sector has reached 23.4% of Scotland's working population. 

The number of people employed in the public sector has increased by 52,000 since 1999 as a result of devolution. The public sector is increasing at a rate three times faster than the private sector, with 9,000 more employed since this time last year compared to only 3,000 in Scotland's private sector.

The Finance and Public Service Reform Minister, Tom McCabe, was pleased with the statistics, as was reported on the Scottish Executive website. "The rise in the number of teachers, police and health service staff over the last few years is evidence that our investment, coupled with a strong economy, is making a real difference… While the largest growth over the last few years has been in the private sector, today's figures show the bulk of the public sector growth has been more nurses, more doctors, more teachers and more social workers."

An area in which numbers have decreased, is the armed forces. The number has been steadily declining for six years. In the third quarter of 1999, the figure stood at 15,000, and now stands at 12,900, down 14%.

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