As part of its continuing process of providing planning statements of its
policy on nationally important land use and other planning matters, the Scottish
Executive has now published planning policy on the role of architecture and
design of buildings in Scotland. SPP20: Role of Architecture and Design
has two purposes, the first of which is to consolidate the Executive's
existing design policy commitments, drawing together design based policy and
contained in a variety of sources, from the over-arching principles contained
in SPP1: The Planning System, produced in 2002, and general policy on architecture
and design contained in policy statements: A Policy on Architecture (2001)
and Designing Places (2001), to Planning Advice Notes, including PAN
68 Design Statements
(2003) and PAN 71 Conservation Area Management (2004).

The second purpose of SPP 20 is to set out the aims, role and responsibilities
of the advisory body, Architecture and Design Scotland, which has been established
by Scottish Ministers to promote the benefits and qualities of good architecture,
design and planning for buildings in Scotland, and in addition to providing
general advice to a range of parties involved in the design process, will
take responsibility for design review, offering expert advice on the quality
design for specific planning applications, especially ones which are likely
to have a significant effect on the local environment, because of their size,
public impact or proximity to sites of historical, landscape, cultural or
environmental importance.

A&DS will also provide an enabling service to allow consideration of design
issues and provide early advice, promote design training and skills workshops,
and support local initiatives. It will also have a research role and work in
partnership with a variety of organisations and individuals including architects,
engineers, planners, surveyors and developers, as well as local authorities
and a range of other bodies like Historic Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage,
Scottish Enterprise, Communities Scotland, the RICS and the RIAS, the Royal
Town Planning Institute in Scotland and the Royal Commission on the Ancient
and Historical Monuments of Scotland and all other interested parties. In particular
it is intended that A&DS will have a particularly close relationship
with The Lighthouse - Scotland's Centre for Architecture and Design and
the City.

Raymond Young, the Chair of A&DS, recently announced the appointment
of Sebastian Tombs as the Chief Executive of A&DS. Mr. Tombs is currently
Chief Executive/Secretary of the RIAS.

Patricia Ferguson, the Culture Minister announced the new Advisory Board
of A&DS, which takes over the independent design review function
previously carried out by the Royal Fine Art Commission for Scotland
in April.

The members of the Advisory Board are: architects Professor Ric Russell,
Jill Malvenan, Karen Anderson, Paul Stallan, Gareth Hoskins, Professor
Steven Spier,
Terry Mackie and Alison Blamire; civil and structural engineers Morris
Murray and Brian Veitch; access consultant Margaret Hickish; town planners
McAllister and Stephen Tucker; landscape architect Eelco Hooftman; chartered
surveyor John Irvine, and Rob Joiner, the director of two Housing Associations.

The full text of SPP20 can be accessed on the Scottish Executive website


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