Wednesday 21 September 2005

Time for Reflection - Monsignor John Tormey, Parish Priest of St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, Greenock

Parliamentary Bureau Motions

Environment and Rural Development Committee Debate: 5th Report, 2005, Inquiry into Climate Change

Standards and Public Appointments Committee Debate: 6th Report, 2005, Draft Code of Practice for Ministerial Appointments to Public Bodies in Scotland

Business Motion

Parliamentary Bureau Motions

Decision Time

Members’ Business - Debate on the subject of S2M-3155 John Swinney: Accident Record on the A9

Thursday 22 September 2005

Parliamentary Bureau Motions

Scottish Green Party Debate: Economic Policy

Scottish Green Party Debate: Children of Asylum Seekers

General Question Time

First Minister’s Question Time

Themed Question Time -

Environment and Rural Development;

Health and Community Care

Executive Debate: Report of the Cultural Commission

Parliamentary Bureau Motions

Decision Time

Members’ Business- Debate on the subject of S2M-3074 Marilyn Livingstone: Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

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