Shepherd and Wedderburn hosted the Scottish Competition Law Forum's first anniversary meeting on St Andrews night. 

The Honourable Sir Andrew Park, High Court judge in the Crehan case, gave the audience a unique insight into one of the most talked about competition law cases of all time.  We heard about poor Mr Crehan and his trials and tribulations when trying to attain damages from his pub landlord for holding him to a beer tie which he argued breached competition law. 

Sir Andrew gave a vivid account of the case, including his most diligent on-site visit to the public house in question, and the numerous witness statements he had to listen to regarding the drinking habits of the people of Staines.  "I listened with a mixture of apprehension, admiration and alarm to accounts of the volumes which they consumed nightly", he told us. 

The reception was followed by dinner for 48 at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society.  The convivial evening was rounded up with Ian Forrester Q.C., currently acting for Microsoft, giving us food for thought on what it is like to be representing a client in litigation against the European Commission. 

The event was organised by the Forum's Planning Committee comprising of Gordon Downie, Kyla Brand from the Office of Fair Trading, Professor Barry Rodger and Charlotte Sjostedt.

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