In her annual November speech, the Queen addresses the UK Parliament for its formal opening of session.  Although the Queen makes the speech, it is entirely drawn up by the Government and approved by the Cabinet.  The speech sets out the legislation the Government is likely to bring forward that session and highlights other matters on the national or international agenda.  This year's speech is scheduled for 15 November.

However, with changed procedure at Westminster, some of the wind has been taken out of the Queen's sails.  Recent rule changes now mean 'carry-over bills' can have their progress spread over two consecutive sessions, so next year's measures can be seen this year.

In addition, these are the days of pre-legislative scrutiny, where bills are published in draft form before being analysed in committees or put up for consultation.  More time to discuss and debate bills can only be a good thing, but it reveals likely inclusions months ahead, leaving few surprises left for the Queen to deliver. 

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