Conservation areas are areas of special architectural or historic interest which
it is desired to protect, enhance or preserve. There are over 600 conservation
areas in Scotland. The Scottish Executive has now published planning guidance
of particular relevance for local authorities, but also relevant to developers,
community organisations and property owners, on the management of conservation
areas. Planning Advice Note 71 (PAN 71) complements existing national policy
and contains advice on good practice for managing change in conservation areas,
providing an appraisal checklist for local authorities to use which will help
them to identify the special interests and changing needs of a particular area,
which in turn will assist in the development of an action programme which takes
account of any sensitivities of that area and enables local authorities to carry
out their statutory duties to protect and enhance conservation areas. It also
identifies sources of funding available to protect the historic environment,
including local authority grants and funding from Historic Scotland, the Heritage
Lottery Fund, the Architectural Heritage Fund, the EU, the Scottish Arts Council,
Scottish Enterprise and the National Trust of Scotland.

The PAN should be read in conjunction with other national policy and advice and
in particular the Memorandum of Guidance on Listed Buildings and Conservation
Areas, NPPG 18 Planning and the Historic Environment, Designing Places: A Policy
Statement for Scotland, PAN 52 Planning in Small Towns, and PAN 68 Design Statements.

Full details of the Planning Advice Note are available from the Scottish Executive
website at:

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