The European Commission's latest report on car prices is now available. The report suggests a longer-term trend towards price convergence across the EU with a low level of average price dispersion. Out of the top 10 best selling cars in the EU in 2005, the widest price difference in the euro zone is for the Ford Focus at almost 30% more in Germany than in Finland. In the EU as a whole, Denmark remains the least expensive country with prices 5.9% lower than Finland. Germany is the most expensive country in the euro zone but, EU-wide, the Czech Republic is the most expensive with prices 7.3% higher than the EU average. In general, the new Member States' prices are 3.6% lower than in the euro zone. Beyond the overall stability, there are two general trends. Price dispersion for small and medium cars has increased whereas there has been greater convergence for larger and luxury cars.

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