Under section 11 of the Enterprise Act 2002, certain consumer groups,
elected by the Secretary of State, can submit a 'super-complaint' to
the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).  Super-Complaints have been
introduced to expedite the normal complaint process on occasions where
a designated body has alleged that a feature of the market appears to
be harming significantly the interests of consumers.  The harmful
feature may relate to the market structure or it may be harmful conduct
within the market.  The OFT then has 90 days within which it must
respond to that complaint.  The process gives individuals a
greater opportunity to challenge market failures by allowing them to
complain through bodies with access to information necessary for
forming a proper judgement about the market.  From 1st October
2005, Postwatch, CAMRA and the General Consumer Council of Northern
Ireland will join 'Which?', Watervoice, National Consumer Council,
Energywatch and Citizens Advice as bodies designated to submit

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