Jimmy White has changed his name by deed poll to James Brown as part of Snooker's
lucrative deal with HP Sauce, who are sponsoring the brown ball in all major
tournaments. The former White has himself pocketed a rumoured £100,000
as part of the deal and will ditch his usual black tuxedo for the forthcoming
Masters event in favour of a brown one.

The former White commented that he changed his name in order to help the
game recover from its financial problems but it would seem that political wranglings
are hampering the deal.

Firstly, World Snooker, snooker's governing body stressed that Jimmy White
will not be referred to as James Brown during the Masters event holding
that Jimmy White entered the Masters by that name and will continue to be known
by that name during the tournament. Secondly, the BBC stated that their
does not allow the naming of sponsors.

Legal documentation has been circulated
to media organisations asking that Jimmy's new identity be used in the context
of all media output. The outcome
is awaited.

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