In a dispute about licensing of horseracing data, a broadcaster has
been successful in the High Court with claims that the British
Horseracing Board (BHB) has abused a dominant position. Licensing
negotiations between Attheraces Limited (ATR) and BHB had broken down
and ATR was facing having its distribution of racing information
terminated. To combat this, ATR has taken BHB to court, alleging that
BHB has a dominant position in the pre-race data market and that it is
abusing its position through various practices, such as refusal to
supply and excessive and unfair pricing. BHB has refuted the
allegations and pleaded for the court to dismiss the action. The court
has however held that ATR's claims are comprehensive and detailed
enough to warrant that the matter goes to full trial. It has also
granted an interim injunction which prevents BHB from stopping ATR's
supplies until the matter has been adjudicated.

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