You are invited to register for our forthcoming seminar looking at the practicalities and pitfalls of bringing anaerobic digestion (AD) projects to reality.

AD allows for the production of renewable energy from biodegradable waste and has been identified as a key part of the strategies of both the Scottish and Westminster Governments for meeting renewable energy production targets.  AD projects will be of particular interest to local authorities, who have ready sources of biodegradable waste which can be turned into a source of revenue and power and for whom AD potentially represents a crucial part both of their waste and clean energy strategies going forward.

Our speakers will be sharing their knowledge and experience across the life of an AD project, covering the genesis of an AD project, the technology that can be deployed, how to go about obtaining and structuring funding for a project, the technical feasibility of such projects and construction issues associated with AD projects (including NEC contracts) and the UK feed-in tariffs regime for AD plants.  There will also be an opportunity to network with technology providers, technical advisers and potential funders and partners at an informal networking lunch after the seminar.  

The seminar will take place in our Edinburgh office on Friday 1 April.  Please click here for further information and to register.

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