On Thursday 4 August, Shepherd and Wedderburn's Fiona Parker and the Water Industry Commission's Richard Khaldi will be addressing delegates at Dundee IHP-HELP UNESCO Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science's International Law and Transboundary Freshwaters Workshop 2011.
As readers of this E-Bulletin will know, Shepherd and Wedderburn were closely involved in the introduction of competition for non-domestic water and sewerage services. It's now three years since that market was created and, whilst there are improvements which could be made, its widely considered to have delivered a number of benefits to Scottish business, consumers and tax payers. For

  • 50% of customers are now reported to be receiving better service and/or lower price;
  • Scottish Water's retail company (Business Stream) had made cost savings of £8 million p/a; and
  • Bad debt has been reduced to around 0.7%.

Fiona and Richard will be talking about how these reforms were introduced and what other lessons have been learnt and would be happy to share further information with anyone interested in taking advantage of the market or introducing similar reforms within their own industry.

Please contact Fiona Parker for further information.

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