Tuesday is Europe Day and there will be many events to mark the occasion.  The most important will be a debate on the future of Europe.  Josep Barroso will present a Commission document, which outlines conclusions following the French and Dutch rejection of the EU constitution last year.

A paper shall also be presented on modernising European Universities, focusing on how to attract investment from private enterprise and competing in the global market for research and innovation.
On Thursday the Commission is set to adopt two proposals on fiscal fraud and customs corruption.  One of the proposals deals with how to combat corruption at the union's borders, and to simplify border administrative procedures. The second proposal concerns fiscal fraud, and how to prevent companies "VAT-shopping" around EU countries.

Meanwhile, MEPs in the temporary committee investigating alleged illegal activities by the CIA in Europe, will on Tuesday take their inquiry across the Atlantic to the intelligence service's homeland.

The Austrian presidency is receiving leaders of Latin American and Caribbean states for a summit in Vienna, starting on Thursday. The summit will pursue the bi-regional strategic partnership between the EU and its transatlantic partners.


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