Last week all MEP's returned home to work in their constituencies.  This week committees resume with a public hearing on animal welfare.

From the 31 May to 1 June Parliament is in plenary in Brussels, subjects for discussion include Guantanimo Bay and EU USA relations.  The subject of CIA rendition flights have already been discussed many times. 

The issue of Needlestick injuries is being discussed.  Needlestick injuries are common among health care workers who may accidentally be pricked by a syringe or sharp piece of medical equipment, that may carry blood borne disease.

There is also a two-day meeting on the Services Directive to discuss competitiveness issues; Ministers will try to reach agreement  on the redrafted version of the directive.

The Dalai Lama will be visiting the parliament and will meet several officials.  He will also appear before the Foreign Affairs Committee


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