European Parliament

The next sitting of the European Parliament will be in Strasbourg, items on the agenda are as follows

Monday 13 February

· Report: - State aid reform 2005-2009
· Report: - The effect of globalisation on the internal market
· Oral question – SOLVIT
· Report: - Confiscation of automobiles by the Greek authorities
· Report: - Restructuring and employment
· Report: - Exposure of workers to optical radiation

Tuesday 14 February 2006

· Report: - The Human Rights and Democracy Clause in EU agreements
· Report: - Local border traffic at external land borders
· Report: - Service of judicial and extra-judicial documents in civil and commercial matters
· Report: - Certain access restrictions in the Common Fisheries Policy
· Report: - Heating and cooling from renewable energy sources
· Report: - Supervision and control of shipments of radioactive waste and spent fuel

Wednesday 15 February

· Council and Commission statements - Confrontation between Iran and the international community
· Council and Commission statements - Outlook for Bosnia-Herzegovina
· Council and Commission statements - Euro-Mediterranean policy / preparation for the next meeting of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly
· Speech by Heinz Fischer, President of the Republic of Austria
· Question Time
· Recommendation for second reading: - Community Air Traffic Controller Licence
· Report: - Risk and crisis management in agriculture
· Report: - Implementation of the EU's forestry strategy
· Report: - Strategic guidelines for rural development (2007-2013)
· Report: - Rules for the protection of chickens kept for meat production

Thursday 16 February

· Report: - Services in the internal market
· Report: - Statistics on the structure and activity of foreign affiliates
· Report: - Strategic review of the International Monetary Fund
· Debates on cases of breaches of human rights, democracy and the rule of law (one hour maximum



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