The major event this week will be the G8 summit to be held in Russia. The host country already has security forces numbering 20,000 in place, in anticipation of vigorous protests. Topics on the agenda include energy security, with the Western nations seeking access to Russia's oil and gas supplies, and nuclear proliferation, with a common position on Iran and North Korea being sought. The question of whether India, China and the EU should be allowed to join the Group will also be discussed.

In Brussels, the Court of Auditors will be reporting to a committee of MEPs on Thursday. The subjects for discussion are the costs to the EU of interpretation and translation, and the environmental impact of EU projects in developing countries.

Meanwhile, the EU is coming to Scotland, in the form of a road show led by Communications Commissioner, Margot Wallstrom. As part of the Commission's "Plan D"—a project involving democracy, dialogue and debate in every member state on the future of Europe—the road show will include a number of public debates.


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