The European Parliament next sits in plenary on 13 March 2006, in Strasbourg.

The Agriculture and Fisheries Council meets on 20 February when ministers will discuss the Community action plan on the protection and welfare of animals 2006-2010, the sugarsector, and strategic guidelines for rural development (2007–2013). They will also discuss bio-energy (bio-fuels and bio mass), bird flu and WTO/Doha Development Agenda negotiations.

The Justice and Home affairs Council meets on 21 February when ministers will discuss legislative proposals covering the law applicable to non-contractual obligations, creating a European order for payment procedure, and the European Evidence Warrant. They will also consider a list of safe countries of origin with relation to refugee status; the Green paper on European Migration Network, and the visa waiver reciprocity mechanism.

The Austrian Presidency continues with an Education, Youth and Culture Council on 23 February.

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