Three EU countries hold talks with Iran

On 30 January, foreign ministers from the UK, France and Germany will meet the Iranian deputy nuclear negotiator, Javad Vaeidi, in Brussels in an attempt to avoid a UN Security Council referral. Further talks between the EU, Russia and China are taking place in order to rally support should a referral be deemed necessary.

European Parliament

On 1-2 February, the Parliament will sit in Brussels. Items on the agenda include:

1 February:

  • Statement by the High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy – Common Foreign policy perspectives for 2006
  • Report on equality between men and women in the EU
  • Report on application of the postal directive
  • Report on rules on nominal quantities for pre-packed products

2 February:

  • Joint debate on social legislation in the field of road transport

Council of Ministers

30 – 31 January

Foreign Affairs Ministers’ meeting. Agenda includes:

  • Debate - 2006 operational programmes for the Council and Commission
  • Discussion - Lisbon strategy: Commission annual progress report
  • External relations: WTO/Doha development agenda; Western Balkans; Belarus; Middle East peace process; Iran; Iraq; relations with Asia – ASEM; Afghanistan

2-3 February

  • Austrian Presidency host conference on “Innovative public services”, Vienna

3 February

  • EU-China troika ministerial meeting, Vienna


31 January

  • Competition Commission meets UK Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Competitiveness

1 February

Commission’s weekly meeting. Agenda includes:

  • Decision - EU budget 2007-2013
  • White Paper - EU communications strategy
  • Communication - EU's external relations policy 2006-2009
  • Opinions - EMU: stability programmes: Austria; Belgium; Luxembourg; convergence programmes: Estonia; Lithuania; Slovenia
  • Decision - Commission-European Investment Bank Agreement on the creation of fiduciary funds for infrastructure in Africa

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