European Parliament

The European Parliament next sits in plenary on 26 September.

The parliamentary group leaders will hold a joint meeting with their counterparts
in the Committee of regions on Thursday 22 September to discuss issues including
the future of Europe, the financial perspectives and the reform of the cohesion

Council of Ministers

19-20 September: Agriculture and Fisheries Ministers’ meeting.

Agenda includes:

  • State of play of negotiations with the sugar producing ACP countries and
  • Release of a genetically-modified maize product on the EU market
  • End-of-life vehicles: modification of Annex II

19-20 September: Informal Sports Ministers’ meeting, Liverpool. Agenda includes:
anti-doping; promoting equal opportunities; health and sport; diversity and

20-21 September: UK Presidency conference “NEST (New and Emerging Science
and Technologies)”, London.

20-21 September: UK Presidency conference ”Between culture and commerce: digital
broadcasting”, Liverpool.

22-23 September: UK Presidency conference ”Better regulation”, Edinburgh.

22-23 September: UK Presidency conference ”European strategy forum for research
infrastructure”, London.

European Commission

Brussels will pay careful attention to Germany’s parliamentary elections,
which will certainly hit the headlines for most of this week. The poll in
the EU’s biggest member state will probably pop up also at the Commission’s
seminar, due on Tuesday 20 September. The cabinet of Jose Manuel Barroso is
set to discuss the new version of its working agenda, following his earlier
announcement about the need to scrap sixty-nine of the bloc’s bills.

Mr Barroso is also meeting the European Parliament president Josep Borrel
on Thursday 22 September, to inform him about the envisaged changes.

Another subject on the table is the Commission’s strategy in the negotiations
over the new financial perspectives. Several member states – mainly the newcomers
from Central and Eastern Europe – have made moves to press the UK presidency
to put the EU’s 2007-2013 budget on the agenda of its special October summit.

Brussels has previously also urged the European leaders to hurry up with the
financial deal, warning that further delays would prevent poor countries from
using the common funds to boost their economies.

The EU executive will adopt new anti-terror measures on Wednesday 21 September,
including a controversial proposal on data retention, and a paper on radicalisation
among young Europeans and their recruitment for terrorist acts.

Finally, the commission will give the green light to legislative proposals
on state aid and innovation, air quality and airline security.

European Court

The EU’s top court will present its judgement on one of the first of the so-called "terrorist
cases" on Wednesday 21 September. It concerns an organisation and four
individuals added to a list of people whose funds must be frozen, due to the
suspicion of their connection with terrorists. They claim that the EU does
not have the competence to adopt economic sanctions against individuals, claiming
that such action infringes a number of their human rights.

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