The Employment Tribunal Service (ETS) announced in their Annual Report 2005/2006 a significant growth in the amount of claims received from the period 2004/2005 (86,000) to 2005/2006 (115,000), which constitutes almost a 34% increase.  The most noteworthy increases in the categories of claims accepted by the Tribunal were claims relating to the Working Time Directive (an increase from 3,223 in 2004/2005 to 35,474 in 2005/2006) and Equal Pay (8,229 in 2004/2005 to 17,268 in 2005/2006).

The ETS dedicated part of their 2005/2006 Annual Report to the provision of customer service.  The Annual Report summarises their "Diversity Policy" as intending to guarantee that "users receive fair and equal access to ETS's services; staff are fairly and equitably treated in the workplace; staff and users are treated with dignity and respect for their human rights".  The ETS is attempting to achieve these standards through a variety of methods, including publishing the standard booklets in nine languages, Braille and large print; ensuring that interpreters are available for both foreign language speakers and the deaf; and attempting to meet the "accessibility" requirements of disabled users and staff.

The ETS Annual Report 2005/2006 can be accessed through the Employment Tribunals website.

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