Helen Green, who worked for Deutsche Bank Group Services (UK) Ltd as a Company Secretary Assistant, has won around £800,000 in compensation after taking her former employers to the High Court. Her claim was made on account of the psychiatric injury and consequential loss and damage that she suffered as a result of harassment and bullying by other employees.  She successfully argued that her former employer was in breach of its duty of care to her as a result of which she sustained a psychiatric illness.  She also successfully argued that her former employer was vicariously liable for the behaviour of is employees which amounted to harassment under the Protection of Harassment Act 1997.  In any event the employer was in breach of its duty of care to the employee as it failed to respond to Ms Greens complaints, therefore not making any effort to deal with the situation early on and prevent further distress.

Ms Green claimed to have been subjected to verbal abuse, colleagues laughing at her, hiding her mail and papers on her desk, as well as people blowing raspberries in her face and being ignored. All of which, her former employer strongly denied. Ms Green said it got to the point where she would sit alone at her desk and cry.

Mr Justice Owen, at London's High Court said Ms Green was "subjected to a relentless campaign of mean and spiteful behaviour designed to cause her distress". Ms Green was awarded by the courts £35,000 for pain and suffering, £25,000 for her disadvantage in the labour market and £128,000 for her loss of earnings, and £640,000 for future loss of earnings (this sum also included a pension).

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