Automated Registration of Title to Land – Consultation on a
draft Order under Section 8 of the Electronic Communications Act 2000

Automated Registration
of Title to Land (ARTL) is Registers of Scotland Executive Agency’s project
to introduce automated, electronic registration of routine property dealings
in the Land Register of Scotland. Legislative change is required to allow the
use of digitally signed, electronic property deeds in place of paper deeds, and
to permit an electronic alternative to paper Certificates of Title. Section 8
of the Electronic Communications Act 2000 permits Ministers, by Order, to amend
existing enactments to permit introduction of optional e-commerce processes.
This consultation is on a draft Order that proposes to amend the Requirements
of Writing (Scotland) Act 1995 to allow use of electronic deeds in ARTL transactions,
and to amend the Land Registration (Scotland) Act 1979 in respect of Certificates
of Title.

The closing
date for this consultation is 25 November 2005.

A Bill for Better Regulation

consultation on proposals to amend the Regulatory Reform Act 2001. The legislation
will create a new radical risk-based approach to inspection that shifts resources
away from routine inspection for businesses in safer areas with a proven track
record, towards businesses in higher risk areas and rogue traders. And it will
enable the merging of inspectorates to take place, cutting down on repeat requests
for information from inspectors who could be pooling their resources.

closing date for this consultation is 12 October 2005.

OGC consultation on draft
'Alcatel' amendments to the current UK procurement Regulations

The current UK
procurement Regulations will shortly be amended to give effect to the European
Court of Justice judgments in the ‘Alcatel’ cases. This will introduce
a mandatory 10-day standstill period between the notification of award decision
and the date of contract conclusion for all procurements that are subject to
the full scope of the EU public procurement Directives.

The closing date for this consultation is 10 October 2005.

by the DTI on whether to amend Part 9 of the Enterprise Act 2002 to allow
information to be released more easily for civil court proceedings

public authorities
cannot release information, such as product test results and company
addresses, for the purpose of private civil proceedings. Consumer groups and
property rights holders have voiced concerns that public authorities
are unable to release this information to consumers who have been injured by
an unsafe
product, or businesses that have had intellectual property rights stolen
and wish to take
action against traders in Civil Courts.

The closing date for this consultation
is 18 November

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