Proposed rewrite of schedule 10 (buildings and land) of the VAT Act

HM Revenue & Customs aims to simplify schedule 10 without changing underlying tax policy, with a view to reducing the cost of compliance and administration. It proposes that the changes will provide a convenient reference, indicate provisions that are no longer required and indicate where new material has been encorporated.

Consultation closes: 28 February 2006

VAT - beneficial ownership of land and property
The government is proposing changes to VAT legislation, concerning the treatment of payments received for supplies of land by a person other than the legal owner. The government wishes to identify the range of businesses that currently make use of this provision, and obtain views on how it should be applied in the future.

Closed by: 28 February 2006

New proposals on filing dates for company accounts

New proposals to join up the filing of Company Tax Returns and the delivery of accounts to the registrar of companies.  The aim of these proposals is to offer companies a single online filing service for HM Revenue and Customs and Companies House, reducing the admistrative burden on companies who have to file accounts.

This consultation closes on 3 March 2006

Proposals for introducing a code for sustainable homes

This consultation from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister seeks views on the code for sustainable homes, which signals a new direction for building standards. Wherever practicable, the department intends to develop and introduce a system of sustainable building standards based on voluntary compliance.

The closing date for this consultation is 6 March 2006.

Implementing the EU Directive on on unfair commercial practices

The government is seeking views of of business and enforcement authorities on the implementing the EU directive, rather than views on the directive itself.

This consultation closes on 8 March 2006

Benevolent fundraising Regulations

The consultation paper will set out the Scottish Executive's proposals for the regulation of benevolent fundraising under the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005.

This consultation closes 9 March 2006

The Electronic Communications (Scotland) Act 2006

The purpose of this consultation is to seek views/comments on the proposals to amend appropriate legislation to allow for electronic communications to be accepted in the same way as "in writing" or "by hand" submissions. It is the intention that the results of this consultation will help to ascertain the acceptance of the proposed amendments.

This consultation finishes 15 April 2006

Consultation on the Implementation of the Railways Act 2005 - Provisions on Closures and Minor Modifications

Proposals for technical guidance on rail closures and minor modifications, which rail funding authorities, train and network operating companies will follow when considering the closure of, or modification to, a passenger service, network or station.

The closing date for this consultation is 21 April 2006.

Welfare Reform Green Paper

The Government launched a Green Paper "A new deal for welfare: Empowering people to work" on Tuesday 24 January 2006. It contains major new proposals to help individuals achieve their potential through work.

The closing date for this consultation is 21 April 2006.

Enhancing our care of Scotlands landscapes

This consultation paper contains proposals for the landscape component of the forthcoming Planning Bill, including refreshing legislation providing the Scottish Ministers with powers to designate, de-designate or revise the boundaries of and National Scenic Area.

The closing date for this consultation is 24 April 2006

Review of NHS Prescription Charges and Exemption Arrangements in Scotland

This document has been prepared as part of the Executive’s Partnership Agreement commitment to review prescription charges for people with chronic medical conditions, and for young people in full time education or training. This document: • Sets out the background and policy context to NHS prescription charge and exemption arrangements in Scotland • Puts forward and discusses options for change to facilitate debate on possible system reforms Summarises the Executive’s position with regard to possible reforms.

The closing date for this consultation is 30 April 2006.

Protected Trust Deed Reform

This consultation on the draft regulations reforming the way that protected trust deeds operate follows on from the Bankrupcy and Diligence Consultation issued in July 2004.  The main areas of reform are ensuring a greater return for creditors, improved monitoring and supervision and clearer guidelines of debtors' contributions and trustees' fees and outlays.  The Accountant in Bankruptcy will have a more involved role in supervision of protected trust deeds and auditing accounts.

This consultation closes on the 14 April 2004

Draft Strategy for Sustainable construction Report 2006

The aim of this revision to the 2000 Strategy for Sustainable Construction, is to consider what has been achieved over the past five years and to provide an effective framework to guide future Government policies where they are relevant to construction. It indicates where government wishes to see the industry going in terms of its future development as well as indicating where businesses believe their efforts should be concentrated.

This consultation closes on the 26 April 2006

Judicial Appointments and Removals Bill - Strengthening Judicial Independence

There are proposals to place the reformed judicial appointments system on a statutory basis, and a bill to achieve this should be brought forward during the course of the current parliament. The consultation also proposes a standard approach to the removal of judges and proposals regarding the eligibility of individuals to be appointed as a judge of the Court of Session.

Consultation Closes:  3 May 2006

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