Expert Panel on Air Quality Standards: guidelines for halogen and hydrogen halides in ambient air for protecting human health against acute irritancy effects
Previous reports by the Expert Panel on Air Quality Standards (EPAQS) have made recommendations to Government on non-occupational ambient air quality standards, with particular reference to the levels of airborne pollutants at which no or minimal effects on human health are likely to occur. This report differs from previous reports in that the guideline values it recommends are not intended for use in national air pollutant standard setting. Instead, this report forms part of the Panel's current work programme in which it is advising the Environment Agency on some of the priority substances that it is responsible for regulating. Unlike the pollutants for which EPAQS has set air quality standards, these warrant special consideration for their emissions from a small number of point industrial sources and the guideline values are intended to protect local populations around these sites. The report is being published in draft to allow expert comment before the Panel reaches its final conclusions.


The closing date for this consultation is 27 June 2005


The Regulatory Implications of Domestic-Scale Microgeneration
This consultation document considers the impact of the development of domestic-scale microgeneration on the regulation of the supply of electricity. The advent of microgeneration technologies means that electricity is being produced in, and often exported from, domestic and small commercial properties. Statutory instruments and technical guidance documents used by the electricity industry have been amended, as appropriate, to take account of this development. The existing licensing framework was not, however, created with domestic-scale microgeneration in mind. The objective of this consultation is to identify changes that might be desirable to reflect the use of this technology in the current regulatory regime.

The closing date for this consultation is 15 July 2005

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