Second consultation on CESR’s Draft Advice on Clarification of Definitions concerning Eligible Assets for Investments of UCITS  
On 18 March 2005 the Committee of European Securities Regulators published its first consultation paper on its draft technical advice. The public consultation closed on 10 June 2005. CESR received a high number of responses.
The Commission asked originally CESR to deliver its technical advice by end of October 2005. Many consultation respondents asked for the possibility for a second consultation, taking into account the difficult nature of this exercise and the interests involved. Therefore, the Commission has on request of CESR extended the deadline of the mandate from the end of October 2005 to mid-January 2006, when CESR is having its first scheduled meeting for 2006. This change has made it possible for CESR to consult the stakeholders for the second time during autumn 2005.

The closing date for this consultation is 21 November 2005.

Statutory Guidance to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (OSPAR Strategy on Radioactive Substances)
Statutory Guidance from the Scottish Ministers to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), on the control of radioactive discharges into the environment, made under section 31 of the Environment Act 1995, for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the UK strategy for radioactive discharges 2001 - 2020.

The closing date for this consultation is 19 December 2005.

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