Protected Trust Deed Consultation

This consultation on the draft regulations reforming the way that protected trust deeds operate follows on from the Bankruptcy and Diligence consultation issued in July 2004. The main areas of reform are ensuring a greater return for creditors, improved monitoring and supervision and clearer guidelines on debtors' contributions and trustees' fees and outlays. The Accountant in Bankruptcy will have a more involved role in supervision of protected trust deeds and auditing of accounts.

The closing date for this consultation is 14 April 2006.

Tackling Human Trafficking – Consultation on Proposals for a UK Action Plan

Tackling human trafficking is a key priority for the UK Government's organised crime strategy. The Government is committed to drawing up a national action plan aimed at combating and preventing human trafficking, as recommended by international organisations such as the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

The purpose of this consultation is to seek views on the proposed areas for action and specific initiatives which are proposed as well as an opportunity to suggest other areas where a UK strategy should focus.

The closing date for this consultation is 5 April 2006

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