Mineral Planning Authority Monitoring of Mineral and Landfill Permissions:
consultation paper on a new fees regime

This consultation paper seeks the views
of stakeholders on a proposed new fee regime for the monitoring and enforcement
of mineral and landfill waste permissions in England. Please note that ODPM
aims, during 2005/06, to make regulations (subject to Parliamentary approval)
prescribing fees to support the proposed new fees regime which will come
into effect on 6 April2006. The possible scope and content of a new fees regime
has already secured a good deal of agreement in a full public consultation
in the Autumn of 2001. This paper is a re-consultation, making proposals
the basis of two research studies and taking account of the views expressed
in the earlier consultation.

[url=http://www.odpm.gov.uk/stellent/groups/odpm_planning/documents/page/odpm... of Mineral and Landfill Permissions

The closing date for this consultation is 1 September 2005


on the draft Regulations for transposing the Linking Directive

consultation seeks views on the draft Regulations transposing the Linking
Directive and providing for the collection of data for a national emissions
This will assist the Government in making the policy decisions necessary
the Regulations by the transposition deadline of 13 November 2005.


closing date for this consultation is 19 August 2005

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