Charity Accounting Regulations

A consultation paper on the Scottish Executive's
proposals for the charity accounts regulations following on from the Charities
and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Bill currently before Parliament.

closing date for this consultation is 19 May 2005.


Future Management of Toll
Bridges – Phase Two

Phase One of the Tolled Bridges Review looked
at how tolls impact on environmental and economic objectives of reducing
and congestion. This showed that the removal of tolls on the Skye Bridge
would have no adverse traffic or environmental effects and allowed Ministers
to take
an early decision to remove the tolling regime on Skye bridge. The traffic
context and potential implications of changing or removing tolls on the
other bridges were regarded as more complicated and requiring further consideration
before any decisions are made. Phase Two of the Review will consider
the wider
issues of bridge management and includes consultation on the different
models available for managing the bridges, as well as objectives that can be
through tolling. Views will also be sought on other issues such as exemptions
and discounts.

closing date for this consultation is 8 July 2005.


EC Regulation on Origin

The Commission is examining the possibility of developing an EC
regulation on origin
marking (“made in…”) with regard to some imported industrial
products. This regulation would impose a compulsory mark indicating the
name of the country of origin (“made in Country X”) for
certain products when imported in the EC.

closing date for this consultation is 30 April 2005.


Energy Efficiency
2005-2008 Innovative Action

The Electricity and Gas (Energy
Efficiency Obligations) Order 2004 came into force on 22 December 2004 and
established energy efficiency
obligations for certain gas or electricity suppliers for
the period 1
April 2005 to 31 March 2008. The order provides for an incentive
to be awarded to
suppliers that promote energy efficient actions but which
are innovative. The incentive is the accreditation of additional improvements
in energy efficiency
to count towards the supplier's target established order.
consultation paper addresses how Ofgem plans to assess innovative action
the order.

date for this consultation is 31 May 2005.

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