Consultation on the Draft Private Water Supplies (Scotland) Regulations
2005 and Proposals for a Private Water Supplies Grant Scheme

This document contains
appropriate regulations to implement Directive 98/83/EC for drinking water
quality as it applies to private supplies in Scotland. In summary, the Drinking
Water Directive establishes a framework for action across the European Union
on the quality of water intended for human consumption. It represents a fundamental
review of the previous Drinking Water Directive (80/778/EEC), to take account
of advances in medical, scientific and technological understanding of matters
likely to affect drinking water quality. The Executive has already implemented
the Drinking Water Directive in respect of the public water supply in Scotland,
through 'The Water Supply (Water Quality) (Scotland) Regulations 2001' (SSI
No. 207). The draft Private Water Supplies (Scotland) Regulations 2005 make
domestic provision to transpose the Drinking Water Directive into domestic
regulation in respect of private water supplies.

closing date for this consultation is 17 June 2005.



2005-06 Review of the
Renewables Obligation - Preliminary Consultation

This is a preliminary consultation
the 2005-6 Review of the Renewables Obligation. Views are sought
on a limited number of options for changes to the Renewables Obligation that
out in this document. A Statutory Consultation will follow in Summer

The closing
date for this consultation is 13 June 2005.


Improving payment
practices in the construction industry

These consultation proposals
are drawn from
Michael Latham's recent review of the operation of Part II
of the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 and the Scheme
Construction Contracts
(England and Wales) Regulations 1998. This consultation is
a joint
between the DTI and Welsh Assembly Government covering the
primary and secondary legislation in both jurisdictions. It is intended to
a general
on the way forward. Should clear support for changes to the
legislation be identified, there will then be consultation on draft amendments.

closing date for this consultation is 21 June 2005.

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