Scottish Parliament Calls for Evidence

Environment and Rural Development Committee – Call for Written Evidence on the Management of the Marine Environment
There is increasing political focus on the marine environment. The UK Government is developing a marine bill. In Scotland the Executive has published a marine strategy and is considering how it might improve management of the marine environment.  The Committee is keen to hear views on how the marine environment should be managed, especially from communities and individuals who live and work in coastal and marine areas.
Closing date 20 December 2006

Environment and Rural Development Committee – Call for Written Evidence on the Cairngorms National Park Boundary Bill
The Bill seeks to amend the boundary of the Cairngorms National Park to include an area of highland and eastern Perthshire. The Bill proposes that the Park Should include the Forest of Atholl including the community around Blair Atholl, the Beinn Udlamain mountain group to the west of the A9, and an area around the A93 including Glas Tulaichean and the Spittal of Glenshee (excluding Kirkmichael).
Closing dare 22 January 2007

European Committee – European Commissions Legislative and Work Programme for 2007
As part of its scrutiny of European issues, each year the European and External Relations Committee considers the European Commission's legislative and work programme and identifies those issues in devolved matters which have the greatest potential to impact on Scotland. These issues are monitored by the Committee and form the basis of its annual work programme.  Following the consultation, the Committee will consider the responses received and agree the issues to prioritise.
Closing date 26 January 2007

Scottish Executive Consultations

Science of Innovation Strategy for Scotland
The consultation paper has been developed with guidance from a group of key stakeholders, and also reflects long-established commentary on the existing strategy. The paper is intended to encourage debate and discussion, and is not a draft of the strategy.  Many of the commitments in the original strategy have been reached, and the funding landscaped has changed in the last five years.  The paper sets out short and long term plans including the establishment of a Scottish Science Advisory Committee.
Closing date 5 January 2007

Rights of Audience – Guidance for Applicant Bodies
Views are sought on the terms of a guidance document for professional or other bodies to apply for rights of audience and rights to conduct litigation in the Supreme Courts. Sections 25-29 of the Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Scotland) Act 1990 which provide for these rights, will come into force in Spring 2007, and the guidance document is to help those applicants who want to be heard in the Supreme Court.
Closing date 10 January 2007

Charity Reorganisation Regulations
The Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 was passed by the Scottish Parliament on 9 June 2005 and received Royal assent on 14 July 2005.  This consultation paper sets out the Scottish Executive's proposals for the Charities Reorganisation (Scotland) Regulations that flow from the Act. The proposals in this consultation paper are intended to help charities to reorganise in a more straightforward and cost-effective manner than was possible under the previous regime.
Closing date 15 January 2007

Non-household Water Charges
The Scottish Executive is undertaking a consultation on introducing a revised basis for charging non-household customers for their water and sewerage services. The proposals include the introduction of general metering for un-metered non-household premises and the creation of a system that would place non-household premises and their surrounding areas into one of a number of bands that reflect the surface area that discharges to the public sewers.
Closing date 19 January 2007

West Edinburgh Planning Framework 2006
A strategic framework guiding the long term land use changes in West Edinburgh to provide a high quality gateway to Scotland, which is also capable of bringing significant additional economic benefits at a Scottish level.
Closing date 21 February 2007

Strengthening and Streamlining:  The Way Forward for the Enforcement of Environmental Law in Scotland
This wide-ranging consultation document considering how we can improve our environment not by introducing new laws but by enforcing existing laws better and considering a large number of options routes to securing better compliance from education and advice for business to prosecution in the courts.
Closing date 22 February 2007

UK Consultations

Regulation of Money Service Businesses
In 2001, the UK Government introduced a new supervisory regime for Money Service Businesses (MSBs) to combat money laundering and terrorist finance in the sector.  Money Service Businesses include Bureaux de Change, money transmitters, and cheque cashiers. The Government committed at the time to review the arrangements after a few years of operation and, as part of this exercise, a consultation has been launched to allow industry stakeholders in the MSB sector to inform the review's work.
Closing date 6 December 2006

Representative Actions for the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights
The Government seeks views on the likely benefits of adding clauses from IP Enforcement Directive (2004/48/EC) on representative actions, and evidence of any additional costs that arise.
Closing date 18 December 2006

The Removal of Barriers to the Sharing on Non-consensual Credit Data
The consultation seeks views on the extent to which non-consensual credit data information could be shared by lenders, subject to appropriate safeguards, in order to enable lenders to make better, more responsible, lending decisions, as part of the governments drive to reduce personal debt.  Non-consensual credit data is information on bank accounts opened before the late 1990s which did not contain a "fair processing" notice, which allows Credit Reference Agencies to share your information.
Closing date 11 January 2007

Safety Zones around Offshore Renewable Energy Installations
This consultation seeks comments from any organisation or individual with an interest in offshore renewable energy installations, such as wind farms and wave and tidal devices, on implementation of the provisions of the Energy Act 2004 relating to a safety zone scheme.
Closing date 2 February 2006

Amendment to the European Mergers Tax Directive
The Government seeks views on proposed changes to Corporation Tax.  The Directive aims at removing taxation obstacles to cross-border business restructuring operations in Europe.  It provides a neutral tax regime, in order to enhance competition by allowing businesses to participate in mergers, divisions, and transfer of assets or exchange of shares.
Closing date 2 February 2006

European Consultations

Call for Views on the Possible Review of Community Legislation on the VAT Treatment of Vouchers
The consultation document lists the main problems identified in the VAT treatment of vouchers and related areas as a result of outdated provisions or inconsistencies in the interpretation of current rules. It also gives a definition and a description of the various types of vouchers, an overview of some taxation principles from European Court of Justice case-law, an overview of some options for change and finally it takes into account other related issues.
Closing date 12 February 2007

Consultation on Maritime Policy
The European Commission is aware that this Green Paper addresses a very broad range of what have traditionally been regarded as separate activities and policy areas. The idea of conducting an integrated analysis of maritime activities leading to coordinated actions is new.  The mandate is to examine all economic activities of Europeans which are linked to or impact on the oceans and seas, as well as all the policies dealing with them, with a view to finding the best way to extract more benefit from the oceans in a sustainable manner.
Closing date 30 June 2007


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