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Scottish Parliament Calls for Evidence
There are currently no Calls for Evidence
Scottish Executive Consultations
Amending the law on compellability of spousal witnesses
Options for amending the law which governs whether individuals should be required to give evidence in relation to an offence committed by their spouse or civil partner. This document invites your views about these proposals.
Closing date 19 September 2006
Planning for waste management
Policy on waste management is driven by a range of initiatives and EC Directives including targets and standards set out in the National Waste Plan. The challenge for planning is to identify locations for the required.
Closing date 18 November 2006
UK Consultations
Revision of the Television without Frontiers Directive
Proposal to revise and modernise the EU Directive which member states must impose on the television broadcasting services which they authorise.
Closing date 8 September 2006
Proposals to amend the current statutory holiday entitlement
Proposals to extend the current four-week holiday entitlement to include bank and public holidays
Closing date 22 September 2006
Proposed changes to information required for planning applications
Comments are invited on changes to information required for planning applications. 
Closing date 30 September 2006
Proposals for Gambling Commission Fees
This consultation seeks views on the proposed fee levels for the Gambling Commission.
Closing date 13 October 2006
Implementing the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive
This consultation seeks views on how to implement the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive, which requires principle producers of equipment to take responsibility for their products when they become waste.
Closing date 17 October
European Consultations
Child safety and mobile phone services
This consultation paper looks for views on children's safety when using mobile phones, including issues linked to content and behaviour such as bullying and grooming.
Closing date 16 October
Mid-term review of the life-sciences and biotechnology strategy 2002 – 2010
The aim of this consultation is to help the Commission to evaluate the strengths and possible shortcomings of the Strategy and the best ways to maximise the contribution of modern biotechnology to European goals.
Closing date 30 September



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