Today's new dads are more willing than ever to combine the daily
grind of work with staying at home to change nappies and warm bottles,
according to new research by the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC).
Almost eight out of 10 working fathers (79%) revealed that they would
be happy to stay at home and look after their baby, while almost 87% of
men felt as confident as their partner when caring for their child.

These findings reflect a dramatic shift in attitudes towards
fatherhood. Two decades ago more than half of dads (52%) believed a
father's job was that of provider while the mother's place was in the
home. That percentage has shrunk to just 20%. Responding to this
evolution in attitudes to fatherhood, the EOC is calling for additional
dads' paternity rights beyond those proposed by the Government's
consultation paper 'Work and Families: Choice and Flexibility'.

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