Rugby's Celtic League appears on the brink of collapse after a falling-out
between the heads of the governing bodies of the three constituent nations,
Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

The dispute stems from Welsh plans to include their professional teams in
a new Anglo-Welsh Cup, to be played with sides from the English Premiership.
Scottish and Irish representatives reacted furiously to the news that the new
competition was due to be scheduled against Celtic League fixtures. While Welsh
representatives are keen to alter the schedule of Celtic League fixtures to
allow their participation in both competitions, the Scots and Irish are angry
that promises that the Welsh would consider the Celtic League to be their priority
appear to have been reneged upon.

Welsh representatives are keen to cash in on the impact of their Grand Slam
winning national side with lucrative fixtures against English teams. However,
the governing bodies in Scotland and Ireland believe that the most positive
way ahead is for the three nations to continue to work together in order to
build revenue schemes and allow for the continued development of the sport
in the three countries.

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