The sports sector embraces a vast number of sports, businesses and governing bodies within the UK. It has enormous social and cultural value to citizens as well as economic value but little has been said about it in the context of Brexit.

Brexit is likely to impact on sports in a range of ways, many of which will depend on the relationship that the UK negotiates with its nearest neighbours following a Brexit. Accordingly the exact details of how a Brexit will play out in the sporting arena are not entirely predictable. This note however focuses on a number of key issues including freedom of movement and the listed events regime as well as the potential impact of a withdrawal on the collective selling of rights.

Shepherd and Wedderburn has been for many years offering balanced and impartial advice on how the different scenarios might play out in the event of constitutional change.

With the EU referendum now only weeks away, members of our dedicated Brexit Advisers will continue to interrogate the ‘what if’ questions, relating to specific sectors, that will emerge when the UK decides whether to remain in or leave the EU.

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