All-Energy 2017 slide presentations now available

Shepherd and Wedderburn's own experts were part of the impressive speaker line-up at All-Energy 2017. Download their presentations now,

30 May 2017

For the third consecutive year, Shepherd and Wedderburn supported All-Energy, the UK’s largest renewable and low carbon energy event, as headline sponsor.

With more than 7,500 visitors attending, All-Energy attracted a truly global audience, including the largest group of renewable energy developers and supply chain partners seen anywhere in the UK.

Among the impressive speaker line-up were some of Shepherd and Wedderburn’s foremost industry experts, including: Clare Foster, John Grady, Liz McRobb, Patricia Hawthorne, Stephanie Mill, and David Anderson. You can download their presentations below.

Liz McRobb Challenges and opportunities: Aviation mitigation – the ‘airscape’ in a post RO world 
John Grady Waste water and energy: The next big bang
Stephanie Mill The journey from consent to construction (Wave & Tidal)
David Anderson Risk management – Managing disputes in offshore projects

You can download all of the All-Energy 2017 presentations here