If your organisation is looking to recruit a non-EU citizen, you will need to obtain a Sponsor Licence.

Currently, over 29,000 organisations in the UK hold a Sponsor Licence and the number is increasing daily due to the effects of Brexit, as employers find themselves having to recruit from outside the EU as the number of EU migrants declines. 
Applying for a Sponsor Licence can be a difficult process. 

The Home Office can refuse an application where an organisation has either failed to provide the right documentation, failed to demonstrate a genuine need for the licence or where the Home Office considers that the organisation won’t be able to fulfil its Sponsor duties. This could occur where the Home Office considers the HR policies and procedures are not suitably robust to comply with the licence duties.

When you consult one of our immigration specialists, we will advise you fully of the requirements and what you need to do to obtain a licence. It is very important to get a Sponsor Licence application right first time as those who are refused are banned from applying for a further six months.

We will advise you fully from the outset on the timescales and process involved, deadlines to be met and potential hurdles to be overcome. Our experienced team has successfully obtained Sponsor Licences for a wide range of organisations from tech start-ups to multi-national organisations. 

We understand that Sponsorship can be a minefield of rules and regulations. We will help you to successfully navigate your way through the system, saving you time and money in the long run. 

To find out further about applying for a Sponsor Licence please get in contact with either Jacqueline Moore or Blair Melville on 0131 473 5451 to arrange a business immigration consultation.