Residential Property Services

Specialist advice on all aspects of buying, selling and transferring Scottish property.

Our residential property team draws on many decades of experience covering all aspects of buying, selling and transferring property in Scotland.

We are also one of only a handful of law firms in Scotland that can provide specialist tax advice alongside our residential conveyancing offering. If you are interested in discussing our services further, please contact one of our experts.

We provide comprehensive support across the following areas:

Fixed fee residential property conveyancing sales service

We will take care of all aspects of the legal process of your sale, from finding a suitable estate agent through to the handover of keys.

Fixed fee residential property conveyancing purchase service

We offer a bespoke property purchase service, and can advise on closing dates, tax implications on purchase, and detailed advice on associated costs such as Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) and the Additional Dwelling Supplement (ADS).

Transferring title – residential property

We can advise on all aspects of title transfer and the legal and tax implications that need to be considered. We regularly advise on the transfer of property into family trusts or companies, and tax experts within our private client team are on hand to assist in such matters.

Expert advice on voluntary registration in the land register

We are well versed in providing initial advice and completing the voluntary registration of our client’s property on the Land Register.

General property advice and disputes

We advise clients on a regular basis regarding property and planning disputes, working alongside expert litigator colleagues where necessary.

What is voluntary registration?

Titles to land in Scotland are registered either on the Sasine Register or the Land Register. The Sasine Register is the oldest property register in the world and is a chronological list of title deeds. The Land Register was established in 1979, and is an OS map-based public register of land. Voluntary registration is one of the means by which a title can be transferred from the old Sasine Register to the new Land Register.

Current Scottish Government policy is to accelerate the process of transferring land from the Sasine Register to the Land Register in order to increase transparency of land ownership in Scotland. Registers of Scotland has been tasked by the Scottish Ministers to complete the Land Register by 2024 so that all titles to land in Scotland are by then included in that register.

A landowner does not need to wait for any of the normal transactional triggers to take place, and can apply to have their title moved from the Sasine Register to the Land Register at any time. This is known as “voluntary registration”. There are several benefits to carrying out voluntary registration through us, as we can ensure that your title is registered correctly with no legal or boundary issues outstanding.

Click here to view information required by the Law Society of Scotland Price Transparency Guidance in relation to certain Residential Property Services in Scotland.