Regulatory Monitoring, Compliance and Investigations

Global risk and compliance monitoring solutions that efficiently give you the knowledge you need.

The ability for companies to keep up with changes to regulation and to ensure business units are operating compliantly is increasingly a Board-level concern. Companies are seeking solutions to assist them in this space. 

We have horizon scanning experience in more than 40 countries and across a range of topics. This allows for early intervention and influence on legislation and policy, and reduces internal costs for businesses in monitoring these changes. This also provides assurance that the business is aware of its compliance requirements, ensuring penalty avoidance and reducing reputational risk. 

In addition to ongoing monitoring, we are able to perform deep dives into particular jurisdictions or flagged items, and to report back to you on the potential effects on your business. Using our local counsel in each region, we can provide full translations of any foreign laws and relevant documentation. 

We work with our network of qualified lawyers in relevant jurisdictions who represent the best local firms, as opposed to relying on tools that are based on data scraping.

As an independent law firm, we are not tied to using particular offices in the way that many larger law firms are. Our choice of firms allows us to ensure that we provide the best advice for our clients, reflecting not only the black letter law of the country in question, but also the realities of the local marketplace, competitor activity and key concerns of stakeholders in the country. 

Shepherd and Wedderburn can add value to your compliance monitoring process by providing:

  • flexibility and experience to build an integrated compliance system to fit your needs;
  • commercially relevant information with feedback systems to ensure continuous improvement;
  • tools to prioritise investment decisions and shape global growth strategy;
  • support to your public affairs team in the form of early notification on consultations;
  • rapid and relevant translations and interpretations; and
  • help with engagement with local and government authorities.

Managing Global Regulatory Compliance

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